Mediation is an informal and non-adversarial meeting between the parties where an impartial mediator hears the relevant facts of the dispute between the parties and helps the parties reach their own decision to resolve the issue.  

Mediation allows both parties to reach a fair settlement with a neutral third party.  Parties in the mediation have the ability to make joint decisions involving finances, custody issues and property issues as opposed to relying on a judge to issue an order regarding the matter.  

Mediation permits the parties to control the time-frame and in some cases, can save money because a traditional divorce can be time-consuming and therefore costly.  Mediation offers a win/win solution as opposed to the traditional divorce process which can be a win/lose solution because of increased levels of stress, time, and costs associated with traditional divorce.

Mediators are trained and experienced in assisting parties to reach their own negotiated dispute resolution.